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The marketers behind The Lost Ways, Backyard Liberty and Blackout USA now bring you: Spec Ops Shooting.

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The only program for the rabid American gun shooting market.

FACT: One out of 3 Americans owns at least one gun.
Meaning Spec Ops Shooting taps into a 100 million people market. And that number's still growing.

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Here's what you need to know about the Spec Ops Shooting program

  • It was created by a decorated Green Beret with over 17 years experience in the Special Forces;
  • It's a lock stock and barrel collection of simple, step- by-step instructions of world class techniques to gun shooting mastery;
  • It offers regular people a chance to arm themselves with the exceptional set of skills that are only taught to America's finest.

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If you think 25 years of military service can't teach you a thing, then leave now...

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== > Decorated Green Beret reveals 3 simple hacks to instantly improve your shooting accuracy.


UPDATE February 2018

Email #1:

Subject Line: Green Beret Reveals: 3 Shooting Hacks To Instantly Improve Your Accuracy

Did you know... You, me, and pretty much everyone else share ONE MAJOR HANDICAP that severely reduces our ability to fire a gun?

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I didn't.

Not until Brian Morris, a decorated Green Beret, opened my eyes to it.

Fact is, few people know of this.

The good part: once you realize what this handicap is, fixing it comes almost naturally...

And the results - in terms of improved accuracy - can be mind-blowing.

== > Decorated Green Beret reveals 3 simple hacks to instantly improve your shooting accuracy.


Email #2:

Subject Line: This Shooting Range Visit Changed Everything

True story:
Last year (I think it was April), while testing my new Kel-Tec at the range, I noticed a big crowd forming behind this guy I'd never seen there before.

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying my new toy...

When suddenly, the whole range bursts into cheers and applause.

It was ridiculous.

I had never seen anything like it.

Now those who know anything about me, know I tend to avoid crowds.

So I did what any other normal guy would do.

I waited for the crowd to scatter, and when the guy left I followed him to his car.

Fast forward to today: it was the best decision ever!

As it turned out, the guy was a former Green Beret with over 25 years of combat experience.

He won multiple medals on the battlefield and his shooting skills are out of this world.

And here's the good news:
Since we're now pals, he agreed to share his top 3 shooting hacks for achieving sniper-like accuracy.

Check them out here: http://specopsshooting.com/vsl/index.php

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